Monday, March 25, 2013

What sets a true horseman apart?

You do not have to be a super athlete to ride well. And you do not have to be a genius to train a horse well, either.
There are some very successful horsemen who are short and fat with no more athletic ability or brain power than the next guy.
So, what sets these successful horsemen apart?
A strong desire to succeed and an acute awareness of what they are doing.
The big “success factor” here is the awareness of what they are doing and the ability to change when they discover they’re doing something wrong.
This “awareness and ability to change” is so important it can’t be stressed enough.
Larry Trocha

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Playgun is a super cool horse!  

He is:
AQHA Show H-0/P-24
ROM Cutting

1996 AQHA World Jr Cutting-3rd
1997 AQHA Worldd Jr Cutting-7th
1995 AQHA High Point Cutting-3rd
1997 AQHA Hi Point Cutting-10th

NCHA $168,408 COA
LTE $186,000
Finalist at 21 Major Events

Sire of NCHA Super Stakes Open and Non Pro Champions, NCHA World Champion, RHAA World Champion (and more), Offspring Earnings over $4,500,000 and growing.
Breeder: Wes Shahan, Pleasanton, TX

Are you just surviving a situation with your horse? (video of the week)

These are some great principals he is teaching here. I had a horse that I was just surviving with until I sold her, I should have taken the time to ix her and make her a good, reliable horse. But I didn't, I could, I was doing it with other horses at the same time, I just didn't. And, I was terrified of that horse and did not have anywhere near a good relationship with her. Don't follow my example! Fix the horse before they fix you(think hospital, broken bones etc.) Please share any experiences!