Colt starting, tune ups or training for a specific thing(teaching to spin, ground tie etc.) I will do it!! Contact me with what your are looking for in YOUR horse and I will help you achieve those results! References available.

I also take horses you are looking to get rid of, ride them and sell them for you. All you have to do is bring them to me and I take care of the rest...and you get the money! I will charge either an upfront price or take a share of the sale price and you get the rest!!

I will also do lessons or just about anything you want! Contact me and we can talk! My goal is to make the customer happy with a horse they trust. I work on educating the client and teach customers to do the same things I do with their horses so their training can advance even if I'm not there!

Contact me with any questions! If you want a horse trained or just wanna talk horses I'm happy to chat!

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